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This is a more detailed "how-to" for mileage tracking on SherpaShare and how it actually looks and works. Both Android and iOS have been updated in the last week, so there are some important updates. Post a reply or question, and happy to answer specific questions. Below is from an email we sent out to some of our app users.

iOS App | Android App
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Mileage = Your Working Portfolio
Remember when someone asked you how your day rideshare or delivery driving was going, and you tried to recall details of where you drove, for how long, etc? Now you can see exactly where you drive, how long, and how far, your real working portfolio.

  1. Make sure your mileage tracking is on in settings
  2. Take a trip
  3. Watch it log on the app & tap on a label
  4. Relax and look back at your miles anytime

Mileage = Your Gateway to Smarter Driving
Having an accurate record of your mileage and time is huge! Not only do you have grand totals for the end of the year, but you can get significantly more value from the app. Here's how:

  1. You can see your earnings per hour and earnings per mile
  2. You can see your trips directly compared to the heatmap of other drivers.
  3. You can brag about your stats in Chat - or ask others how they compare.

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