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Rough Average as to how much you can earn working weekday evenings and weekends Ubering
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Depends on the hours, the area you work, what uber you drive whether it's just x or more. There are a ton of variables. How much extra are you offering, how high is your rating,

There are some like Harry who put in 70+ hours of online time which is about 40-50 hours that drive select and pull in 1000-1500 weeks

I put in 30-40 hours online so about 20 hours driving on Uber X only and drive in Burlington/Hamilton area and average about 500-800.

So you are asking for a specific answer to a question with a hundred variables. Also as I'm sure is the case with Harry over the past 8 Months I have narrowed in on how to maximise my earnings over other drivers, and I guard those secrets like they are classified documents and will never EVER tell another driver how to steal my money.

So I would say you make less then uber makes it sound but you make more than enough to get by if you are smart and especially for how flexible the hours are. You will not get rich off doing uber but if you are a student like me it's almost impossible to find a schedule this flexible and make this amount of money.
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Thank you.
What are online hours?
What are online hours?
Time "online" in the driver app accepting rides.
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