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Durm, I haven't had that issue @ Duke, but it's like the norm @ State! Foolish State kids r the reason I journey to Duke and UNC! Now these aren't the State students going downtown, these r the State students going from one campus party to the next campus party...LOL And sadly, I live a few miles from State, so I could work that scene and save time, gas and mileage on my car if they would act right! LOL And I'm not ragging on all State kids, I've met some really nice kids that go to State, but there r some that just don't get it!
Actually, it's really easy to handle, here's what you do. When you roll up make a note of when you arrived (confirm arrival on the app if you need to). Keep doors locked until you see what you are getting into. If there's more than 4 tell them they need to cancel and get an XL. If they cancel (and it's 5 minutes after they requested) you get paid cancellation fee. Otherwise, drive off a little bit, wait till it's 5 minutes after you arrived and cancel on them as "No show". You will get paid and more importantly they can't rate you on a cancelled trip. I'm close to campus and deal with this all the time, once you've told them you can only take 4, they will kill your rating so it's not worth taking some of them.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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