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Downtown Durham has steady business on Friday and Saturday nights. I mainly work Durham (since it's where I live) but Chapel Hill can be good for business too. Few things about Durham on the weekend: 1) Mostly short trips, so you'll have a lot of fares <$4 outside the surge (but that's probably typical of the other cities too) 2) I've done all three downtown areas, and my experience is that Duke students are the WORST for trying to cram >4 pax in. And every last one of them knows it's not OK. It's to the point where I submit a "concern" message to Uber on all of those trips, especially since less than half are cool about it, and I don't want my rating to drop because 2/3 of my trips are kids who aren't used to hearing "NO" 3) the cops do not play on Main St, especially around the Brightleaf and Shooters areas. Don't even think about picking up/dropping in a taxi zone, and you won't get hassled by the cops if you can avoid stopping on main st. altogether.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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