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Drunks and Rants

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So I know there's at least 15-20 of us that work the bar scene Thursday,Friday,Saturday see if anyone can relate. I twice last night I went to do a pick-up and canceled the fare because the group of people have more than the 4 that's allowed. I tried to explain the I only have 4 seats with seat belts and that's all I can legally allow to sit in my car. I tell them they need to request another uber for the extra persons and they usually get really pissed. I know Dayton uber does not have UberSUV but boy do we need it! How do you all handle these type of situations?
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PingMan, you are doing the right thing. No fare is worth getting pulled over with too many people in the car.
I did a couple of overloaded rides early in my driving career but never again. Too bad, so sad. Read the app. It clearly says UberX is 4 riders MAX.
If somebody acts pissed, cancel the ride and drive away. You only risk hurting your rating by taking them anyway.

There is plenty of advice in these forums about how to handle every negative situation, Drunks, open container, kids, pets, etc. Keep reading. The truth is out there.

BTW, I totally agree. Dayton needs UberXL (Max 6 ppl). UberSUV is a luxury service. I drive X, XL and Select in Cinci. Live in Dayton, but don't drive here anymore because it is only X.
Gottcha yeah I meant UberXL. Thanks for the advise!
Worse than getting a ticket....is this scenario. :oops:

Wow yeah that's a wake up call
I haven't had that situation yet but I drive a minivan so I can comfortably seat 6 passengers with seatbelts...so I don't think that'll be a problem for me...
I drive a Toyota Camry right now but am thinking about getting a cheap mini-van but want to wait until we get uberXL in Dayton
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