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drunk pax won't get out

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Avoid pickups at Bogarts Tavern Rd in Doylestown at all cost. Had a bad experience.

Last night I picked up a group of adults from a bar. 4 ladies in their 30s to 40s. They had too much to drink and was pissed drunk. One of them warned me that her friend had a think for asian men. 2 of the girls were flirty and touchy. I ignored their advances. When the ride was over they all had to get out except this one. She said she's going home with me. There was no way I'm was taking her to my home. I wasted 20 minutes until I realized the nice approach doesn't work. I had to say get the hell out.

What is the best way to handle this situation without being a jerk.
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One tactic I use if I don't want to be gangster about the situation is let the pax know that thier uber account privileges can be revoked,,
100% NOT ANSWER TO A DRUNK SCORNED WOMAN. its an idea but dont work. dash cams are great.
i say sorry i need u out no hash words. i am cam. i tell them police will remove you and i dial 911 and let them hear it ring, if they dont move i answer and say i need help pax wont leave my car and is threating me ....99% slam door and leave fast 1% cops remove them.
i am a very street wise philly guy who dont reason with drunks. IT DONT WORK.
and if really rude to me at any time i pull over to well lit area and make them get out and report to uber rt away before they have a chance to accuse me of b.s just incase they deactivate me....never happened for this....
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true joe....gay answer is ok. BUT THEY STILL MIGHT LIKE U
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