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drunk pax won't get out

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Avoid pickups at Bogarts Tavern Rd in Doylestown at all cost. Had a bad experience.

Last night I picked up a group of adults from a bar. 4 ladies in their 30s to 40s. They had too much to drink and was pissed drunk. One of them warned me that her friend had a think for asian men. 2 of the girls were flirty and touchy. I ignored their advances. When the ride was over they all had to get out except this one. She said she's going home with me. There was no way I'm was taking her to my home. I wasted 20 minutes until I realized the nice approach doesn't work. I had to say get the hell out.

What is the best way to handle this situation without being a jerk.
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Before I was allowed to lease a Yellow Cab and go out on the road, there was a mandatory 6 hour cab college course taught by a couple of veteran drivers, Lou and Charlie.

Lou was a little guy, but he demonstrate how you can bend someone's thumb back with leverage to get someone- even if they are a lot bigger- out of your cab. Physically clearing the vehicle is part of your duties that occasionally has to be undertaken.
One suggestion that may save you the scorned, rejected woman fallout, would be to tell her you're gay . There's not much a girl can say after that.
Probably cause her to really get into a crusade to convince you to recognize the error of your ways.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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