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Watch out for this, I have talked with him twice. Guy requests a ride, and has his pin in random neighborhoods, miles from where he actually is, waits 4 minutes from the arrived notification, and tells you the app put the pin in the wrong location, and wants you to go to the location he is at. He is doing this from Brazwells on Montford. Last night I got a ping in a Blakeney neighborhood. When he called I recognized his voice from a previous incident, He said the app put the pin in the wrong location, happens all the time, and that he is at Brazwells in BALLANTYNE. I kept him on the line just long enough for the 5 min mark to pass, and cancelled as a no show as I told him he may have to re request the ride, then hung up and went offline for a few minutes. Hope he likes paying $5.00, for his stupid prank. Uber should put in place a system that tracks no shows and increases the charge each time.
Sounds like an ass. On the other hand, these people should not be able to select a business name as a p/u point without an address verification prompt.
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