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I was curious about the changes I've been hearing about and decided to drive for the first time in months just to see how it is.

  • Uber Navigation still sucks (I know, use Google or Waze, but I try out in-app when they do an update)
  • Uber Pool still sucks in that it puts a low ceiling on your earning potential
  • The rider pickup in the app is now great compared to how it used to be. I like how is show the pickup relative to my location
  • Tipping! I have not done many rides, but I scored a $3 tip on a $7 fare. I'm happy they rolled out this feature
  • Timer on Uber X pickups after you arrive and are waiting for your rider.

Not sure how much I'll drive, but at least 3 positive changes I've seen from the 16 trips I've completed in the past week. So far I've been driving in the morning to work where I can usually get a pickup to a similar destination (I accept Pool when I'm driving to work). I've also done a few trips after work and did a Pool pickup out of curiosity since it was right where I already was. Started in Queen Ann and ended in West Seattle - a 35 min/8.5mi trip for a whopping $13- ugh.
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