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Just some observations to pass on from what I saw in the early evening yesterday and daytime today -

Mandalay Bay has a designated Uber/Lyft pickup at their main entrance. Follow signs to Registration and stay left of the large columns (might be shuttle buses in that area to help you find it).

At other hotels, follow signs to either "thru traffic" or "hotel registration" to get closer to the doors. Don't follow the cabs. Valet & security have been pretty nice in places I've pulled in. But locations may change (like designated areas) as things get moving.

I see a lot of drivers wasting gas driving around waiting for a ping. Check out Industrial, Dean Martin or Koval in between pings. There's places you can park without getting crap or mingling with cabbies. Downtown there are a couple of side streets that have 1 or 4 hour no meter parking.

If you have anything to add or correct, let's work together via this thread so hotels will stay happy and we don't become a hassle.
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Just on the news - the County District Attorney has sent a letter to the TNCs to STOP DROPS at the airport. Fox5 says some drivers have been sited as permitting is supposed to secured first. I'm sure we'll get an email...but use your own judgment. This just happened before 5pm today.

Lyft just sent this email-
Lyft alert: McCarran Airport is off-limits to Lyft drivers. Avoid a ticket: Call passengers, ask their destination, and suggest alternates if it's the airport.

So avoid McCarran at all costs.
We should organize a protest in front of the county office this gready bastards are worse then so called 3rd world countrys that have corupt governments so we can draw more attention and more media because what theyvare doing is criminal.
Stand up for uor rights anybody can drop off at the airport why not us
We're talking about drop off not pick up i hope uber will sue and organize a protest i know we have the support of the residents of clark county
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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