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Driving on Sundays?

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So of course...driving Friday/Saturday nights makes sense but what about Sundays? Yeah this is a holiday weekend so maybe hut a few places but when's a good time to maximize profits?
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Sundays tend to have fewer surges, but may still be busy all day. Exception: surge at end of Sunday concerts or sports.
  • midnight-3am, return from Saturday parties. Surge when bars close.
  • early morning before 9am, people going to work
  • during the day 9am-5pm people out shopping, church going/returning
  • evening 5pm-8pm, dinner and local shows
  • night after 8pm, night spots and bars, smaller than fri/sat
  • occasionally trip to airport for an early Monday meeting or return from a weekend trip
Of course, a holiday weekend changes the normal Sunday pattern.
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