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Copied from post in San Fran:

Last night I was taking a passenger home to Inner Sunset after braving Soma for two hours in torrential rain only to get broadsided off of 17th street and Judah. After stopping at countless four way stops I was headed southbound and didn't realize this street was NOT a four way stop. My passenger happened to be in the FRONT seat and as I slowly made my way across Judah while having a great conversation...BAM! We get broadsided FULL SPEED. The lady never even took her foot off the gas. How she didn't see me I don't know but regardless I was legally at fault and was cited. The impact was on my passenger's side who I apologized (in between saying OH MY GOD) profusely to over and over. He said he was fine with a smile on his face and got out of the car.
One thing I will say is my Hyundai Sonata held up like a TANK as the cabin was ABSULTELY unshaken other than the side curtain airbags. The entire front end of the lady's Corolla that hit me was mangled.
I got out to see what happened and get my bearings. Concerned residents poured out of their homes to see if we were okay. Wonderful people I must say. Through all of this- I realize my passenger was GONE. he left. walked home I guess. Weird.
ANYWAY- I am going in to the hospital as I am feeling really pained in my back and neck. But Lyft won't give me their insurance info! They want me to use MINE and have them contact their insurance. WHY?? I was working at the time. I don't want to involve my PERSONAL insurance in this. They will cancel me for sure. They shouldn't HAVE to be involved. Why won't they give it to me like Uber? Does anyone know it?? I have to go in and don't want to be forced to use mine. PLEASE HELP.

-Stranded in San Fran
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