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Hey Everyone!

Do you all know how much UBER is undercutting the TAXI industry and ultimately, YOU?

I started driving in The Florida Keys, there are very few drivers comparatively. UBER's mileage rate is $1.80 per mile. In the two months I drove, NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED!

UBER should be charging THAT in South FLORIDA! It's STILL CHEAPER THAN A TAXI! (Taxi's in MIAMI charge $2.40 a mile) Instead, they (UBER) is charging 80¢ a mile! Why do you think you get so many drunk college kids? BECAUSE WE'RE CHEAPER THAN A BUS! (Practically, sometimes literally!)

Maybe the answer lies with US, the DRIVERS! If we UNITE, we can work together and communicate with each other, we can demand better pay. After all, UBER's ultimate goal is the replace us with driverless transport so why not be able to earn a living while we can! We have technology on our side. We don't need meeting halls and ballots.(Like many decades ago for unions)

Ultimately, being 25% cheaper than a taxi would ensure customer's continued demand. UBER will never put them out of business, but charging less than HALF doesn't do any good for them (TAXI's) OR US! It just alienates people trying to make a living by driver. Just what you & I are doing. I'm lucky, I own a printing/graphics business so I have another source of income.

DO NOT ASSUME ONE PERSON DOES NOT MATTER! In the Florida Keys I lived in an apartment complex. It wasn't a slum but some issues were lacking. The landlord had huge bills from the local municipality, tens of thousands actually. So he sold his interest via lease/optioning the complex (And avoiding huge closing costs AND taxes!) However, he also owned a motel. He wanted to remodel & rebuild, adding more beds/rooms which meant obtaining city permission. They agreed ON THE PREMISE HE ADD MORE LOW INCOME HOUSING. (The area has just about as high housing costs as living on the beach!)
When the new management was rumored, I contacted everyone in public office that had a say in his 'deal'.
I pointed out he COULD NOT HONER HIS DEAL TO BUILD NEW LOW INCOME HOUSING if he NO LONGER 'owned' the complex! (HE had ANOTHER apt. complex but it would've been too small!)
THE RESULT? CONSTRUCTION HALTED! I received an angry letter telling me to butt out of his "making money!" but building is still at a stand still! Am I the reason? I cannot say 100% for sure but he DID HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT which he could NO LONGER HONOR and he was ANGRY so it's feasible!

MY POINT IN THIS is to illustrate WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! If UBER will not pay you where you can make a living then YOU CAN FORCE CHANGE! I (believe) I DID! And YOU CAN TOO!
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