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LA UP website had a post by "Uber Strike" about a Tuesday "Wildcat Strike" all in good fun for a slow Monday. But there is a article in Uber News talking about the big party that FUBER IS GIVING A PARTY IN PHILADELPHIA FOR THESE MOTHER'S IN THE POLITICAL WORLD!!!! FUBER CAN'T SET THE FARES AT A LIVING WAGE FOR THOSE WHO ARE ITS SOLE EXISTENCE?? Time to have an EARTHQUAKE FELT AROUND THE UNITED STATES!!!! SHUT IT DOWN, SHUT IT DOWN. NOT TONIGHT BUT WITHIN THE NEXT 60 HOURS NATION WIDE!!!! THIS IS TOO MUCH OVER THE TOP EVEN FOR ME!!! Please check Uber News. and download article. You know I am technologically limited. Thanks and GOD BLESS!!! And for those who thought I am the worse person in the world, I really do care for EVERY DRIVER WHO SPENDS ONE HOUR OUT HERE!!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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