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Just had this idea and wasn't sure if it's available. But is there an app that drivers can download that lets them submit riders info (who give drivers a bad experience) and gets other drivers to avoid that person?

So for example: I pickup a horrible ride from "x area or street" and then drop them off. I then open the crowdsourcing app and submit that persons first name as well as the general area/street I picked that person up from so that other drivers can know to avoid this person. The app can run in the background and alert drivers of riders first names and the corresponding areas they're in to avoid. That way riders who treat drivers poorly will learn their lesson, eventually.

I'm thinking of this idea because Uber clearly DOES NOT care that we continue to pick up rude assholes and they don't care because they haven't blocked these type of individuals.

If this idea hasn't been created I think I'm going to work on it.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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