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If drivers like you were represented then what should our Union demand from Uber? I'd like to see:
  • Increased pay. Uber cut decreased from 25% to 20% and drivers get a percentage of the booking fee.
  • Tipping feature on rider-App
  • Limit number of drivers (or rider-to-driver ratio) in a city so that per driver pay is not continually depressed by an oversupply of drivers.
  • Additional rider fee for stopping to get food, cigarettes, or any other reason that drivers are asked to wait for more than one minute in the middle of a trip.
  • Prioritize fixing the bugs that consistently "lose" driver compensation for tolls, surcharges, etc.
  • Provide an easy, consistent procedure for driver opt-out of uberPOOL and other services.
  • Reclassify drivers as employees, not independent contractors, qualifying for medical (also dental & vision) insurance. pension plans and other traditional employee benefits.
  • Improve existing benefits including make insurance coverage in phase 1 same as phase 2 and 3. Decrease deductible from $1000 to $500 or $250.
  • Full-time benefits for driver-employees averaging over 30-hours per week.
  • Release details of driver/rider matching algorithm (how we get pings).
  • Retraining rather than deactivation during implementation of autonomous cars.
  • Driver representation on Uber's board of directors to increase transparency.
  • Driver participation in future IPO based on time in service and/or total gross income to date.
What are the top 3 things that you'd like to see (regardless if they are on my list or not)?
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