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Drive-through stations they open up tomorrow in select location.

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This one is in the Northlake Walmart parking lot. North Avenue just west of Wolf Road

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My wife's friend has a kid who has a bad sore throat and has difficulty breathing. They gave him some meds for his symptoms but did not order a test and then just sent him home.
If you think about it, there's really no need to do Coronavirus testing for anyone who is not old, and/or doesn't have an underlying condition. Whether you have it or not, all they'll do is tell you what to do for your symptoms and tell you to stay at home.
Testing should be done for people who are going to work and interacting with lots of people! Nurses, grocery store workers, delivery people!!! Testing every couple days for these people!!!
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This is ******ed. If there were plently of tests, sure absolutely.

Scarcity of tests? Use them at the old folks homes, for grocery store workers, truckers, first.

Median age of infected in Italy: 60.
Median age of infected death in italy:80

It doesn't take a test to see if a 60 or 80 year old is sick.
You will see them struggling to breath.
There is no cure.
How can the test help people?
My understanding is that ventilators save lives for people who have trouble breathing.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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