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This is the start of our list of demands (and suggestions). Please add your suggestions below and I will update the list accordingly as we progress with this discussion.

List of demands

1. Fair pay. Base rates must be consulted with drivers before any major changes to the price are being made. Rates must allow for proper car maintenance, petrol, deprecation, services and odd major repairs while leaving drivers with at least minimum wage. Most drivers in Victoria are making a loss driving at current base rates.

It is R.S.D.U's view that current base rates should be immediately increased and be brought in line with Sydney rates. Some flexibility in rates must also be allowed to compensate for wide petrol price fluctuations.

Drivers demand the following minimum rates to make driving at base rates viable:

$1.45 per km
$0.45 per minute
$9.00 minimum fare [All Gross]

2. There must be a limit to the number of hours a driver can work per day, which can not exceed 12 hours. There have been numerous reports about drivers falling asleep at the wheel after driving 14+ hour shifts, just to make ends meet and take home minimum pay. Absense of such a limit on current Uber platform is a safety issue and a liability.

3. Uber deactivation policy is too harsh leaving drivers with no chance of defending their case while they may face loss of their only income. Uber must use a proper due process before deactivating drivers. In matters of urgency when a driver must be deactivated, Uber must compensate this driver at a minimum wage for at least 3 weeks while the matter is being resolved. Most drivers depend on their Uber income. They can not just be cut off their only source of income with no notice.

4. Uber should not be applying commission on GST paid by drivers. Uber must pay their own share of GST. Drivers are currently paying GST on full fare which includes Uber commision. This is just wrong, especially after the latest GST court case Uber vs ATO.

5. Once applicable, Increase flag fall by $2.00 to account for new Government levy. Passenger to pay.

List of Suggestions

1. Uber should introduce a basic "knowledge" test/customer service skills test for new recruits and existing drivers. There should also be a basic English knowledge test.

2. Uber should introduce higher night rates (starting after 11:00pm).

3. Uber should cap or wind down the amount of new drivers it accepts and offer more incentives to its current experienced drivers.

4. Drivers should be provided with more filter trips. At least 4 per day.

RideShare Drivers United
. As requested by a Denver driver. For your info...

R.S.D.U Announcing a NO Uber, Log-OFF Tuesday in Melbourne!

Following the success of our latest protest, we are calling on all RideShare Drivers United members and any other Uber driver in Melbourne to join us and Log-OFF Tuesday 14/3/2017 from 6:30AM untill 5PM in protest over our poor pay and working conditions.

We drivers are the face of Uber. Without us there is no Uber. Being classified as sub-contractors gives us every right to have a say over fare pricing, GST allocation and customer service. We can no longer be ignored, threatened with deactivation and silenced. We can no longer be patient, while our working conditions and pay continue to deteriorate in a fast race to the bottom.

Drivers! unity is our only strong bargaining chip when it comes to companies like Uber. Remember, the things that divide us are the things that we see from our own, often selfish, point of view. The very principle of the Uber app is to Divide and Rule. Be wary of those who will try to divide us. They are the reason Uber treat us with such disrespect and get away with it, time and time again.

We therefore call on all drivers to unite and stick together on that day and LOG OFF for .... [head to our web site for the full announcement]

Full announcement at RideShare Drivers United. Google it.
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