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Since the days of running UBER and LYFT at the same time have come and gone I was wondering if anyone on here did other things while ubering.
I have been delivering food for a restaurant for 4 years or so and I cannot mix the delivery slow times with ubering, so I am looking for other options.
I just signed on to grubhub and orderup and both of those systems have terms of service that say they cannot limit an IC from doing other things or accepting other positions, and I am going to experiment with running different options together. I really want to do courier service for UBER but I can't hold my breath waiting. I am hanging on to UBEr as long as I can, as my ratings are bad when I was driving only friday and saturday night surges, so I am going to try different times of day when I can also be signed on to something else. Uber is nice can turn it on and off anytime, the others are more restrictive to get bonuses and floor hourly pay during slow times.
if anyone is considering these options I would be happy to communicate off board.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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