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hands up how many preppers out there?...maybe it's time

Anyways before you go deep underground in that disused septic tank or worse holden craptiva please make sure u have sufficient supplies of Benzalkonium chloride.

This stuff is used in everything from dettol wipes to spermicides, which deep underground, in a sweaty sea container may be the glue that keeps everyone together

while all the rubes got for the expensive Dettol this stuff in Coles costs $4 and is about 73 times as strong as Dettol surface spray..

White Product Fluid Shelf Paint

I used it today undiluted no problems

Head Smile Vertebrate Mouth Purple

..stay safe happy prepping

Smile Gesture Entertainment Chest Flash photography

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gang bangers, drug dealers & bikies :p almost all of them are unemployed as they are kinda "self employed" & it cash only. Most can't drive nor do they wish to be driving as vehicles are easy targets for police. Chicks love them bad boys strapped with $$$.

Just came back from OLA ( $10 for 3 hour)
to find missus had left this

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I think its a calculator bag :bucktooth: :laugh:
how you wearing it? :eek:
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