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New General came on duty to army fortress in a middle of a dessert.
Next day he does a round to familiarise himself with barracks in the fortress and spots the tied donkey to one of the rails.
He asks nearby guard:
-Hey guard, why is this donkey tied here?
Guard replies:
-General Sir, it’s here for the soldiers. You known how is it, long time without women so.....
General interrupts:
-OK. Sort that place out a bit, at least build the cover or extend a bit of that tiled roof.

Month later, without a woman in the fortress wasn’t so easy for a General so he decides to have a bit of fun.
He goes down to a guard and orders him to hold a donkey.
Few min later he pulls his trousers up and asks a guard:
-Hey guard, do you soldiers do it like us generals?
Guard says:
-General Sir, well there is a bit of a difference. Soldiers usually ride a donkey to a nearby city to a brothel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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