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doing the opposite

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so yesterday i was doing my usual 3 hours from 4 to 7pm. took a request 8 min away for $12.86 that was going 5.8 miles. it was before 6 when i pulled up to the pax house. decent house probably well over a million in a mcmansion sort of way. any i get there and no one is outside. the timer starts and i can see him in the app in his house. at the 2 min interval im starting to think im going to cancel this right at 5 min and get my cancel fee. at the 3 min mark the pax pops his head out of the garage and said he is going to be 2 more minutes. i said well you have 3 min left on the timer. at 4:50 his wife comes out and gets in the car. i was about to say i cant wait any longer and please hop out but something made me stop. we chatted for like a minute and the male finally appears and hops in. he was very apologetic and said he will take care of me in the app. you know what that means.
anyway we get to the destination, it was his fathers house, and while going up the driveway he said oh crap i forgot to get the ice. i pull up and the wife gets out and i end the ride and see that he just tipped me 15 bucks in the app. he then says hey can you take me to the beer store so i can get the ice and i said yeah lets go. it was about 5 min away and he was in the store maybe 3 min if that. we bring the ice back and he slips me 25 bucks.
so on a ride i was about to cancel and collect the cancel fee, i didnt cancel and pulled in 55 bucks total for 25 mins and 16 miles of driving. sometimes doing the opposite pays off.
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It happens.

Back in May I drove a guy to retrieve his stolen truck ( Cops had gotten those that stole it ) and he gave me eighty dollars because I shut off the App and told him not to worry about it.

I told him not to worry about it but he tossed the money upfront and said he was thankful for what I did.

Next day two punks tried to Jack me for the car I was in…

Kind of curious what you like to do with your carjackers. I drove mine over a curb and when that didn’t work off a crazy ledge. Works every time.
Had a 41 yo white male backwards hat Fred Durst lookin ass hole and his black 18 yo accomplice new in the game ordered a 4 minute XL ride on a fake credit card and start bossing me around for multiple stops then at one stop stated he’d take the car since I didn’t want to wait 45 minutes and started assaulting me at one of the stops… through the driver window, luckily. The kid jumped out the back window like Spider-Man while I dealt with the other guy. Kinda hilarious but my car was that close to being chop shopped for Bitcoin.

These plates were in his toolkit, along with a meth pipe and so much else. The cops didn’t want the evidence and were no help or consolation at all. We’re on our own out here.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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