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This was a comment I made on another thread in the Lyft forum, and decided it needed its own thread:

I have always trusted the system to charge correctly according to the GPS route taken for time and mileage.
Without a surge, however, I've noticed that a ride from my neighborhood to the airport has resulted in wildly different charges.

I don't ever "time" the pickup to destination and re-set my trip A/B odometer for any ride, but perhaps I should have been doing just that and keeping notes.

I drive "friends" to the airport, I drive pax to the airport, and quite frequently I'm asked: "How much does Lyber charge from here to the airport?"

Last summer, I would tell people it will be $35-$40 based on the last couple of times I took someone from this approximate area to the airport. A five minute delay will add a dollar, a ten minute delay will add $2, but at 20¢ a minute and a 99% highway ride this fare should be reasonably consistent.

I've seen prices between $32 and $48 for this very common trip from a 5 mile radius of my home. I gotta wonder how much "massaging" is being done, over charging some passengers.

New app users get charged more? New app users get charged less? Frequent customers get charged less because they know better?

Most recent airport run was $48 with a pickup 1 mile towards the airport from my home, so I KNOW this is a $37 charge, I've done it a dozen times.
Pax was using Lyft for the very first time, I know because I helped her download the app and put my promo code in from my passenger seat before we left for the airport. (This is one of those "can your husband take me to the airport, I know he does ride share but I never used it before" rides)

Maybe she paid $9 more because Lyft had to pay me for the promo? I only remember it because she asked, "how much will it be?" I felt comfortable telling her it would be "less than $40" because it always had been, it was very early in the morning on a weekend so there was no traffic.

I don't know... maybe this is the wrong place for this "story", but drivers are catching on fast to the "weirdness" of TNC driving.

Does anyone check their time and mileage against the fare for each trip, or even for common trips? Are we all that trusting, or are we all that lazy?
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