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Does anyone do Washio?

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I have a ride along with them this evening. I'd like to do something that's not Uber and hopefully make about $300/week. I know, I know, just get a real job. Right now, my hours are all over the place. So I can only work when I have someone to watch my children so, Uber and all makes more sense for me until I get more stable employment/childcare.

Anyway, does anyone do it. If so, what do you think? I looked at their contractor agreement and it looks like it pays $4 per stop. But, then you have to pay $0.25 per stop, because you are using Washio's platform to connect you with clients. For some reason, I feel weird about that. Uber takes a percentage of each fare for the same reason, but if feels different. Sorry, I'm bad at explaining.

Can you make about $225-300/week? That's at least 54 stops/week at $3.75, without tips.
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