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Dodger Stadium Traffic Control Officers are MORONS and Uninformed

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So far I've done only 2 drops at Dodger Stadium. From what Uber told us, we can go into the Bus lane on Sunset heading west (from downtown area), turn onto Vin Scully Dr and go all the way up in that lane to the parking gates.

At that point, to the FAR RIGHT is an UBER SIGN that tells you we are in the right place.

1st time: Officer on Sunset motioned for me to get out of the lane. I did, for about 1 block, got right back in.

2nd time (today). I drove all the way up Sunset, no traffic or any officers (30 minutes before game time). As I got up the light at Vin Scully and Stadium Way, in the far right lane, the officer there motioned me to turn right at the light. I yelled out that I'm UBER. She came closer to my car, with my window open I pointed to my UBER trade dress. She insisted that this was a BUS LANE only and I had to turn right. Now she's right in my face. I yell at her stating THIS IS THE UBER LANE TOO. She then asked the officer farther up and he at first motions me to turn right. As the light turns green, I proceed straight up to the gates, saying GOODBYE to the 1st officer. The 2nd one did nothing. What can they do? Nothing but get out of my way.

I tell the parking gate attendant what happened, he said they are City employees no know nothing, THEY'RE IDIOTS. I find my way up, no traffic in the UBER area. My pax and I had a good laugh about it, and he thanked me for being persistent. I got him to the game with 20 minutes to spare, he was happy.

MORAL; Don't give up on insisting that UBER is also allowed to be in the bus lane, all the way from Sunset up to the parking gates. Just keep moving like you don't even see them.

BYE BYE !! As I leave the stadium.
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