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Depends on the age usually…

Older folks usually talk while younger ones are on their phones… I have had a few younger ones talk a bit and hold a conversation but usually they are silent…
While there are exceptions, I found this to be the rule from my experience as well. Most of the under-35 riders tend to spend the entire trip with their heads buried in their phones or have headphones on. Many of them are so quiet I almost forget they're in my car. Conversely, I've found elderly folks to be the chattiest demographic.

I figured out a long time ago to allow the rider to dictate the conversation, or the lack thereof during the trip. Has worked like a charm for me.

On a related note, I get a lot of people going to work or going home from work, the vast majority of them with jobs which involve dealing with the public all day. I'd wager most of them appreciate the few minutes of peace and quiet they get while in my car.
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