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With so many experienced drivers quitting and so many new drivers figuring out that Uber is a scam in record time, I suggest the following before you quit.
Go out in a ball of fire!

>> When you pick up a passenger, figure out a fair price and demand it up front. Calculate Uber's estimate in your head, decide a fair price and negotiate the difference. If the passenger doesn't want to pay, tell them to get out of your car. Don't start the trip until you get paid upfront your quote before Ubers rate.

>> Let them know that tips are not included and this is the only way you can get compensated for all "the included tips" that Uber has screwed you over with.

>> For short, minimum fares, demand your service charge. Let them know that you would only be making 2 dollars after expenses without it. Ask them if their ride is worth more than two dollars. Tell them you need the money up front before you begin the trip or you have no choice except to cancel the ride, because you can't work for free.

>> Explain to them that these are your new rules because not enough riders has the decency to tip. Just because Uber lied to them and said that the tip was included is not your fault.

>> For those who don't play along, put them down as a no-show and get them hit for $5. You drove there and tried to let them play fair. They deserve to pay you something. It's not your fault they can't be reasonable.

>> Don't quit without a fight. It will be fun for you to see how far you can play this game before Uber ever gets around to firing you.

>> If enough people did this, Uber might get the message. At the very least, there will be a few passengers who get an education.

>> For those who do see the light and agree to pay you for what the ride is really worth, spend the ride educating them as to what a piece of shit Uber has turned out to be.

Frankly, since we are "independent contractors" we should be able to negotiate our own prices.

A good lawyer could have fun with this if you wanted to push that far.

Uber is so broken, they probably won't even fire you.

When you're ready to quit, you have nothing to lose.
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