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Did Uber just abolish Uber Stool?? It's UNAVAILABLE anywhere in DC even Downtown!!

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Did Uber just abolish Uber Stool?? It's UNAVAILABLE anywhere in DC even Downtown!!
It's no longer showing on my rider app
ahhhhahahahah, come on now UberSaur , U know Uber would Never abolish their #1 rip off money maker
Lol I know :) but for whatever reason it isn't showing up on my rider app as a manual option anymore Bart McCoy
I see it now, pax is shown UberX vs UberStool side by side now, AFTER the destination is entered Bart McCoy
You are special . Hehehe
Drive long enough for Uber, like me, and mental ree-tardation will begin setting in!!
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Not showing stool from my pax app this morning.
Stool is still there, shows a side by side comparison uberX vs Stool once pax destination is entered. Noticed the same thing last night.
Could not replicate Stool vs UberX comparison on rider app this morning..
That's how to get away with forced stool. Tell your riders to not put a destination.
Forced stool, bwahahaha. Sounds like a criminal act and crime against humanity.
If you are in an active Pool trip, additional trips will be added automatically. You can't decline them. Welcome to Pool hell.
Forced Pool to me sounds like Uber giving it to us over a barrel ..
It's the beginning of the end for incentives
The Golden Age of Heavy Metal Incentives is fast vanishing right before our eyes in our rear view mirrors. Uber's goal is no surges, no incentives, no UberXs and only stools with driver-less cars!!
Keep in mind that while this program does put decent money in people's pockets it also makes a lot of folks financially dependent on it. Good number of drivers will remain on the platform once the incentives are pulled especially those with uber lease cars and no secondary income
But if the incentives are pulled the surges will return..
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