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Did Uber just abolish Uber Stool?? It's UNAVAILABLE anywhere in DC even Downtown!!

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no they did not... request a ride... you will see its still available
We’re rolling out upfront fares in the Washington, DC area, where riders will see the final trip fare before they request a ride.

Riders use Uber more—especially at peak times—if they know the cost of the trip in advance, and more riders means more business for you. You also will no longer have to wait for riders to tell you where they’re going, since they will select their destination in advance of the trip.

You’ll be paid the same way as before: by the time and distance of each trip, minus the service fee and any other applicable fees. There’s no change to surge either: you’ll still see the heat map in the Partner App with recommendations on where you’re most likely to get your next ride.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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