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.... got an email from Uber ... "... recently there was a technical error with the app, which doesn't meet the high standards we set for ourselves ...... "
(there's more to the email .. but that is the reason why u got the extra money)
I so happened to log ON the day it crashed .... right when "guarantees" were kickin in . So looks like they gave me an extra 1 hour "guarantee" pay (after they took their cut of course lol) ... but still it was a nice gesture on their part
My only complaint with that day is ..... if the app goes does "system wide" (because I drove over to Bartram Ave to find out what was going on with the app ... & their whole computer system was down over there as well ) ... they should automatic push out a notification to their drivers ... what if a driver had been in the middle of a trip? .... or on the way to pick up a pax , then the app crashed? ... hope they consider this in their next update (to push out "system down" notification to both drivers And pax )
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