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Tuesday ~10 pm I brought a rider to Midway. I turned my app off and headed to the Pit to pee. About 30-40 cars in the gypsy camp. Was probably gonna set my DF toward home, since I had started at 4 pm (way early for me) and the City seemed slow.

Ahhhh relief. On my way to my car, I turned the app on and immediately got pinged to Gate 4. ($3 extra, WOW. ) I accepted, but rider canceled within 30 seconds. In my car now, I got another Gate 4 ping. I accepted.

Last In, First Out? Not wracked with guilt but...can't Uber, a "technology company," even count?

Brought Midway rider to a DT hotel, got pinged for a ride to Arlington Heights. Not bad, I could take 290/355 with DF all the way home. By the way, I'm LOVING the 'trip duration' indicator. Yum!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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