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My promotion was 30 rides for $40-----40 rides for 40 from Friday 1/18 4AM-Monday 1/21 4AM.

I only received $20 after I've completed my 40th ride. I've contacted (f)uber staff with photos included, but they said that the $60 is received in 2 tiers: $40+$20 not $40+$60.

I received a reply in my e-mail+app and MITHLESHK REPLIED:

"Sorry to hear about the confusion surrounding the Quest payout. Happy to explain.

I reviewed the concerned Quest promotion B0F10 for which 40 trips were required to qualify for the $60 reward. As you have completed 40 trips during this promotion, you have qualified for the $60 reward. Please note the $60 was added to your account in two slots. The first tier promotion amount of $40 was paid when you completed 30 trips. The rest $20 was added after the completion of the 40th trip.

Please note if you complete 40 trips it doesn't mean that you'll receive $40+$60. Instead, you'll get $60-$40=$20 as the promotion amount after completion of the 40th trip. So, in case if the first slot amount should not have been added($40), you should have received the Quest amount in one go as $60 for completing 40 trips.

These two amounts($40+$20) were added as miscellaneous payment which you can view in your payment statement. Please note this was a tiered Quest promotion and all your future payouts for similar promotions will be made in different slots. I would like to assure you that the correct payout was made to your account.

Questions? Let us know!"

Sent by MithleshK on Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 10:38:13 PM

I felt like I fell for a cheap stunt similar to the trick where Whiff offers "At least $250 for 25 rides" which I know better not to do.

I have never completed a full promotion offer, because I have another job. I haven't been doing rideshare for few months from last year and being able to choose your promotions for certain days and price of the week is a new feature for me. The old promotions were based on how active riders were.


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