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Did anyone else get an a free Platinum Status?

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I got platinum status this week. I'm thinking it was because I was on the brink of being deactivated. Man, Platinum status is nice. I could only drive 7 or 8 to 11pm every night and it makes it all worth it. I made about $60-70 in those 2 hours in Alexandria Monday night instead of the $20-30 I usually make.
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Cheaper to give away Heavy Metal Driving Incentive to an existing account than recruiting a new driver.
Someone with better accounting chops than I have can answer this, but even though the incentives are straight cash to us via 1099, could they be classified differently on Uber's books? They may be able to write off the bonuses in a different way, therefore it's not costing them as much as it appears.

I have no clue if this is possible; just asking.
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