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Working in Central Virginia I have been able to consistently make at least $200 in 6-7 hours of driving, regardless of the day or time, regardless of the time of year. Now that all the students are leaving, or at least 75% of them leave in summer, a primary source of short, quick rides very useful in meeting a quest number is mostly gone. There are still quite a few from downtown restaurants to downtown hotels for example, but the endless stream of dorms-bars-frats-dorms 2-3 minute trips is gone in summer. There's really no reason to shift "strategy"" because the rides are still coming just as fast and furious, they are just going to be a different mix. To be fair this is my 1st "real" summer driving Uber, the last 2 were heavily covid influenced. I can see already that the swarms of non local drivers that are normally here for the college crowd bar traffic are not going to be here in such large numbers, not sure where they go maybe they go to Richmond, see ya!
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