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Destination filters. Do they work?

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Been using the Lyft destination filter since it began. Turn it on all over the area and at different times--airport, eastside, Lynnwood, etc.

Not one ride yet.

It's now arrived on my Uber account and I'm curious if anyone has had any success with this?

I'm thinking the only benefit could be in using it near hotels, ferries, and cruise ships when I want a long fare to airport, etc. Could be especially useful @ places/events with lots of people such as stadiums/arenas.

Anyone use it?
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Just wanted to share my experience with the destination filter. I drive in to Seattle from Everett when I Uber. Set my destination as the Pier 91 cruise port the first morning and got two pings along the way. The second one took me into Downtown, which was further south than the port but was close enough that I was satisfied. Set it for Everett from Bellevue on my return trip and didn't get anything at all. Next day I got one ping on my trip in and didn't get anything on my trip home from the airport to Everett. I only drive Friday/Saturday/Sunday mornings so it makes sense that no one would really be going to Everett, but I thought someone would have been headed north from either Bellevue or the airport. I work a pretty tight strategy, so I think I'll keep using it for my trips in to Seattle and then to move back toward my base if a pax takes a ride that's outside of my preferred area.
It's b/c no one wants to go to everett...ever. lol
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It's b/c no one wants to go to everett...ever. lol
It's funny you say that- I had a young passenger today tell me that she'd never been to Everett. I told her that's because it wouldn't have anything to offer her. I like living here, but I get that it's not much of a destination.
You should have explained her that she can get top notch drugs and find the best abusive husbands up there.
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I'm going to go against the grain here and say something good about the Uber destination filter. My sort of real job is a seasonal part-time job working for the Mariners on their game days. During this past home stand I have made extensive use of the destination filter while commuting to and from my Mariner job. I live in the Shoreline area and when I am heading to Safeco Field I set it as the destination. It is not to tough to find a ride going toward downtown. Even if it is only going to Ballard, I can usually get another ride going the rest of the way.

My work shift with the Mariners ends shortly before the game ends, so I set the filter for Lynnwood and half the time I get a ride from the stadium within five minutes. Sometimes it only goes to Capitol Hill or Lake Union, but I can usually then get another ride at least to North Seattle. I have had some rides to Montlake Terrace and even to within five minutes of my house.

I average about $15 each way, plus I can now deduct the commuting miles to my job. This seems more like what the concept of ride-sharing was supposed to be. You are going someplace that you were going anyway, and you take someone else along and make a few bucks. (Another reason this works so well for me is that one of the perks of being a Mariner employee is that you get $3 parking near the stadium.)

Of course Uber has to treat us like children and when you pull up a report of a destination filter trip it has to inform you that these trips do not count towards incentives. If they do something good for a driver, they feel a need to punish us in some way.

While I generally prefer Lyft and their ways of doing things, their destination filter is a joke. It is totally worthless.
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Ok I'm getting really frustrated with this destination nonsense. First two times I used it, it worked. But now every time I try, I get trips that are often going the opposite direction from my destination. I've also noticed that the pings that come through are suspiciously nearby me too. It almost makes me think fuber is intentionally ignoring the filter and sending me a ping b/c I might be the closest driver. Can't have the precious customer wait 4 minutes instead of 3.

Has anyone else experienced this?
The filter seems random, at best. As often as it gives me a ride to my exact destination it also gives me a lot of little rides heading in the general direction of that final destination.

That said, it seems to be somewhat effective for what it's worth.
Which is more than I can say for Lyft's filter which continues its longstanding record of being a 100% fail.
I've gotten one ping while using lyfts filter and it was for a ride 6 blocks in the wrong direction. As usual...good job lyft.
I just don't understand why Lyft cannot fix their destination filter after they have received so many complaints about it. It just doesn't make any sense. Does anyone here have a theory?
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