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Destination filters. Do they work?

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Been using the Lyft destination filter since it began. Turn it on all over the area and at different times--airport, eastside, Lynnwood, etc.

Not one ride yet.

It's now arrived on my Uber account and I'm curious if anyone has had any success with this?

I'm thinking the only benefit could be in using it near hotels, ferries, and cruise ships when I want a long fare to airport, etc. Could be especially useful @ places/events with lots of people such as stadiums/arenas.

Anyone use it?
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Where does one find this filter on the android app?
There's an icon that you tap, located in upper left corner of the screen of my Android app. (Same location in the app on iPhone.)
Wow. I had never noticed that before. Thanks, Agent99!
Just tried using Uber's filter from the airport queue, and it waon't let me do it without leaving the queue. That sucks, but it was useful in another way.
I tried the Destination thing for the first time today, and it worked really well. I got a non-Destination ride from the airport to Snoqualmie. Set the filter for the Space Needle, and caught a ride from Snoqualmie to Bellevue Square. I set it for the Needle again and caught a ride from Bellevue to Cap Hill. Pretty useful, I think.

A question for those more experienced with this: How would you set it up to catch a long surge at closing time? You have to turn on the app to access the feature, don't you? And if you are on-app, how do you get the destination entered without pings coming in to interrupt the process?
You can set up a destination off-line. The Uber app will ask you if you want to go on-line after it accepts the destination you provided.

All this is different from Lyft, which requires you to go online while setting up the filter.

I like the Uber filter. I cannot comment on how well it works for getting long surge rides. The risk (surge and non-surge) is you get a trip of just two miles going in the right direction of a destination which is 15 miles away.
Really? I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks.
It sure helped me today. Lyft is pretty much dead to me, now. It used to be 80-90 percent of my business before they changed the PDB rules. It's less than 10 percent, now, and dropping. #ohwell,theirloss.
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