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Destination filters. Do they work?

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Been using the Lyft destination filter since it began. Turn it on all over the area and at different times--airport, eastside, Lynnwood, etc.

Not one ride yet.

It's now arrived on my Uber account and I'm curious if anyone has had any success with this?

I'm thinking the only benefit could be in using it near hotels, ferries, and cruise ships when I want a long fare to airport, etc. Could be especially useful @ places/events with lots of people such as stadiums/arenas.

Anyone use it?
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Dex, I have to disagree with you here. I regularly get non-pool (UberX) rides using the Uber destination filter in Seattle and Eastside.
I second that. Happened yesterday. Twice.
I appreciate Uber has not limited it to pool only. This may be the overriding reason they limit the filter to 2 a day.

Used it 3 days in a row and it has worked on pool and non-pool rides. Its been very effective for long trips. Especially those I've had to deadhead on in the past(coming from home base into Seattle and returning from airport).

Hope that one day it will work for Lyft though they may be doing themselves a big disservice if they're only attaching it to Line requests. Seems like an odd approach to limit usage of a feature when the goal is to increase usage over the competition.
The filter seems random, at best. As often as it gives me a ride to my exact destination it also gives me a lot of little rides heading in the general direction of that final destination.

That said, it seems to be somewhat effective for what it's worth.
Which is more than I can say for Lyft's filter which continues its longstanding record of being a 100% fail.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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