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Destination filters. Do they work?

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Been using the Lyft destination filter since it began. Turn it on all over the area and at different times--airport, eastside, Lynnwood, etc.

Not one ride yet.

It's now arrived on my Uber account and I'm curious if anyone has had any success with this?

I'm thinking the only benefit could be in using it near hotels, ferries, and cruise ships when I want a long fare to airport, etc. Could be especially useful @ places/events with lots of people such as stadiums/arenas.

Anyone use it?
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Remember that Lyft's filter ONLY works with Line rides. I have had it work several times.
Aren't you the one who once said the Lyft filter seemed to work at the airport? Is that the only place where it worked?
It is not the only place. I don't want to give away my secrets, but there are times/places when you are most likely to see it work, and work well ($$$).

Think long-distance runs at high Prime/Surge rates. Use it as a filter, not for your final destination, but to get long runs with a far destination when rates are high.
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Can the destination filter be used for faraway places and do you get people wanting to go that route along the way?

I mean, if I want to go generally south from Seattle, could I put in Olympia and get anybody generally heading southward to pick up and drop off along the route? Or would it only pair me with people specifically trying to Lyft to Olympia?

North = Bellingham
South = Portland

That would be sweet to Lyft from Seattle to Portland!
1. Lyft has a $200 base limit. So Portland is not possible from Seattle.

2. One-way long distance runs at base rates are money losers.

3. I am only talking about using this technique during times of high Surge/Prime.

4. Pick a location that is reasonable for your crowd.
PS- the Uber destination filter will only work with UberPool requests. I tried it in a non-UberPool market and the destination filter was not an option.
Estimated Lyft trip from Seattle to Olympia would be $100

The time cost is about an hour and mileage is 61 miles.

You'd be required to deadhead back though, Lyft is not in Olympia, or even south of Tacoma...
And this is why I maintain my Uber presence in Seattle AND Tacoma too. These rides happen all the time (Tacoma, Gig Harbor, JBLM), especially if you run from SeaTac. I have had too many 2AM Surge runs from Seattle to Tacoma (and further) to count.
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Dex, I have to disagree with you here. I regularly get non-pool (UberX) rides using the Uber destination filter in Seattle and Eastside.
Then I stand corrected. I was in Chelan and couldn't get the button (a non-Uber Pool market). So I assumed it was operating like Lyft's.

Thanks for the info. I like Uber's even more now!
I cannot speak for others reading this but this seems like valuable info. Uber's system probably looks for drivers licensed to drive in Tacoma first before sending ride requests to other drivers. For me, Uber trips to Tacoma have been extremely rare, and none with surge.
How hard and expensive is it to get okayed in Tacoma?
They are separate markets. So the system would not allow strictly Tacoma drivers to pickup in the Seattle market and vice versa. You may have seen where I have written, in the past, about certain bars in Seattle being a draw for certain long-distance crowds. There are bars in Seattle that appeal to the Tacoma/JBLM crowd. I kept getting enough 2AM surge runs to Tacoma last summer that I went down there for a day and got inspected/licensed/activated. It is NOT something you can simply do online, you would have to go into the Tacoma office.

Now, the Tacoma laws have relaxed a bit and I have an exemption in the system for all Tacoma documents. Cool to have, but not sure how I got it.
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