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I'm reviewing all the requirements for the JP/Orleans/Kenner routes. Do I have this right?

JP: requires OP, fill out tax form at Sheriff, pay $50
Kenner: requires OP, pay $??
Orleans: nothing?

Thanks - trying to check all the boxes.
Screw them.
Let them walk.
Next year,they will want more.
Unreasonable children should DO WITHOUT !

You want the state to regulate it. Many small towns in MS tried the same fees, licencing, outlawed in some towns, legal in others. A clusterfuq.

State of MS stepped in, regulated across board, and legal everywhere, with none of the fees and license bs, small towns and cities had to choke on it.
Mississippi aren't a bunch of Greedy money hungry chickens running around headless.
They have Casino Money and beaches.
We have coastal erosion and the nations pollution for a drinking water source !
( farming G.M.O. corn for alcohol fuel damages the gulf of Mexico more than all the years of oil production put together ! Check Lumcon,and N.O.A.A. maps and figures regarding gulf dead zones and red tide algae blooms! Horrible !)
They're still chasing Katrina money & B.P. Spill money after 10 years !
Gimme Gimme Gimme.

At one time we supplied 25% of the nations oil.
L.O.O.P. pipe line handled 19% of the country's imports back in the day.
MISMANAGEMENT . . . Now they are so BROKE,the State will probably run at drivers next with their hand out !

The state can put forth regulations and their are still ways local govt's can regulate. Same way they currently do with CPNCs for taxi cabs. State has regulations on taxi cabs and so does local govt. It will be a never ending battle,, meanwhile I still see taxi drivers making way more money after years of Uber being here. If state makes regulation then watch the taxi cartels get whatever they want to help them on local levels.
When it comes to occupational licenses etc. Well thats the tax code and thats written by the federal govt. So im sure the state cannot re write those laws.
The citizens must be REMINDED AT ELECTION TIME why they will be forced to pay more or get left behind.
More than 1 way to skin a cat.
Only so many taxi voters.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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