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This is what I genuinely believe to be the expectations of the typical X user in Sydney:
1. If I request and you are more that 200 metres away then I'll cancel coz even though I used to wait for an hour for a cab....5 min is too long.
2. I want to finish my cigarette just before getting in your car.
3. I want to eat and drink without permission and even stop via McDonald's.
4. I want water, mints, WiFi and every other extra.
5. If I don't need to water during the ride I'll take one when I leave coz you are a mobile 7-11 after all.
6. I want you to bend time and space to avoid all traffic and teleport me to my destination.
7. I may be late and booked my uber late.....but now it's your fault.
8. I don't want to pay for tolls but take me on the toll roads.
9. I want to take as many additional friends as possible...even if its more than your car's capacity.
10. My sub 6-year old children will be fine without baby seats....it doesn't matter about the law, your licence or sensible safety considerations.
11. I won't speak to you for the whole trip until you direct me the last 2 streets....like my GPS is incapable of finishing those last metres.
12. If there is a SPECK of dirt in your car I'll report you for poor quality.
13. If you don't have the aforementioned extras as well as an Aux cable and phone charger for our 5 min trip.....1 star.
14. I expect you to miraculously know where I am.....even though I'm not capable of placing an accurate pickup location.
15. Don't call me.....I won't answer your call.

And I want all this for $8.

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16. I want to continue my phone convo from pick up to drop off and don't even acknowledge you as a human being.
17. I want to book you as fast as possible so that you can wait for me, not the other way around.
18. I want you never to talk to me as you are scum and I am a cheapskate who thinks I'm in a limo.
19. I want to sneak my dog into the car without letting you know beforehand.
20. I want to load a pile of crap in the car to transport 1.2km because I CAN.

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Have experienced most of those, but in my experience you are talking about 1-2% of pax. The rest is down to your attitude.
Yes, it is about less than 3% of the Pax, but just that small number has brought my rating down just in the last 3 days with 2 x 1 stars.
1 was when the trip was at the end of the morning peak and I was stuck in traffic on Parramatta Road as she did not want to pay the toll. She told me 5 minutes from the end of a 20 minute ride that she was late for a job interview. Of course it was my fault she was late.
The other was the Star Casino staff member booking the ride to the Casino, chucked a wobbly when went to the main entrance in Pyrmont Street.

If I get more of these morons I will be off the platform by November.
Uber should have a review process to remove the crap ratings some of the wankers give us.

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I can now tell the type of pax you are talking about, by there name, the way they stand, the look on their face before the ride begins and their rating. Sometimes even their tone on the phone prior to pick up, most times these 1-2 % put a dent in my cancellation rate as I will no longer pick them up and bingo my rating has increased by .15% since doing so. Some say don't judge a book by its cover but I say go with your instincts (gut) because it is more accurate.

Why do you think they gave all Sams free rides cause those bastards are never happy and alway rate low but those tight arses for a change were rating drivers 5*'s.

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21. I want to get into the back seat of your car and not bother with the seatbelt because I am pretentious and above safety requirements; after all, this is a limo and I couldn't give a shit that you might receive a fine because I am ignorant that I will too.
22. You are scum, handle my luggage!
23. I will watch a video on my phone at full volume without warning or consideration of your music. It's beneath me to ask.
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