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I'm so glad that uber had per mile rates in the gutter before Fair came to town and it never made any sense....


I'm so glad I saw fair as a landmine and never jumped on it.

The reality is that they tried and failed to get on the same business model that taxis have been doing for decades. $100s a week for a rental car to use as a taxi.

The problem is that they never really understood the fundamentals.

Rent a car for 100s a week, expect a lot of turnover, and collect cash up front. Then put yourself into an impossible to be burned cash up front model renting POS cars.

They tried to make proper leases out of it. The reality is that the demand for these services will largely be those with poor and no credit who you can never bleed for anything in court, so taking them to court is just an effort in futility.

I mean what's a civil judgement mean to someone who lives in a cheap motel and pays week to week in cash?

That's the real market for week to week taxi rentals.

You know what a week to week rental on a taxi costs at the company I drive for?

Well I pay $300 per week for 2 DAYS of rental so you can probably guess.
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