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Got a "Serious Incident Report" via email yesterday that they received a report that my car was not fit for Uber.

My car looks great for an 11 year old Scion. It has light scratches here and there and a few small dents. Wrinkles and frown lines I like to call them. I keep the it super clean, inside and out.

Uber is paying my bills right now and all it takes is one a**hole Pax getting the cheapest of the cheap Pool, to mess up my earnings. Uber requested pics of all 4 sides of the car (I sent some taken at night) but have yet to see anything. Dug out the pink 'Stache and will give it another shot until Uber gets their heads out of their butts. Anything like this happen to anyone else?
keep us posted...let us know what support says...sorry but it was bound to happen with a older car...maybe time to upgrade
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