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dash cam setup with automatic uploads

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Does anyone know of a wifi dash cam setup (off the shelf), or know how to make a custom wifi dash cam setup, that does automatic uploads of photos or videos (to FTP, email, Dropbox or whatever cloud service)?
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The BlackVue DR650GW does that, if you have the 2.x Firmware and Set it up right.
Takes some time, but it works well once you do.
Is it possible to access the photos or videos via a standard protocol (i.e., RTSP, HTTP, FTP, CIFS, etc.) or is it only through an app?
I think its only through their app,
BUT... I've yet to run the required tests to see whats connecting..
Will do test this weekend with my Shark :D
Why do you need that? Recording passengers is ok if it's for your personal safety, but keeping videos just because on a regular basis might get you in trouble, local laws change, in some cases you have to have a sign letting people know they are on camera, some places it's prohibited altogether, saving the recordings... idk
Firstly. I know all my local laws in this regard. I researched them before hand, and have window stickers indicating camera use.

So what happens when 2 years later a former passenger accuses you of sexual assault?
Where I live, there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault charges.
The ONLY reason I keep the interior videos (And any exterior ones Deemed critical) is in case I need to use them for defence in court.

I've already had to use it once, due to a bad situation between 2 passengers on a Pool ride.
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Good, glad to see you did your home work, lotta people don't usually take these things into consideration until it's too late
Add to that, I'm in a jurisdiction with Single consent.
I will however mention the Camera immediately if there's a Minor in the car,
and I've pointed it out when a safety issue may creep up.
I'm going to see if this is any better than my current setup.
Raspberry Pi3 is best bang for the buck :D
Currently, I'm using 2 128G microSD in rotation. Swapping weekly.
I stick them in a card reader on my NAS, and I have a script that syncs from them.
My Big issue is I Live in an Apt complex, no Wifi in Garage, so I have to swap physically, and take with me.
Otherwise, I have 3 months of Videos on Line, and everything older than one week is synced to my Cloud backup solution.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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