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I posted a little while back that I picked up the VanTrue N2 Pro dash cam. I think it saved me some trouble. I think.

Lyft Ride:
I pick up this miserable woman in Independence at this industrial park. Address numbers aren't on some of the doors, so I go to where the pin is. And again, the Lyft map and interface in the app is terrible. As soon as I stop and park, she calls. Rudely, she calls and says "I'm right behind you". Actually, she like 50-100 yards behind me, and she isn't walking. I say ok, go to her, and pick her up. She gets in. I ask "how are you today?" Silence. Wonderful.

Silence the whole trip to Garfield Heights. I get close to her house and I politely ask "which house are we?" She exclaims "no, not here, over there!" I pull up. She gets out, SLAMS my car door.

Soooo, I drove up a couple blocks, pull over, and wrote a scathing review. 1 star.

I come home, and in my email inbox, I have an email from Lyft saying that I've gotten an accusation of speeding. I chuckle, then reply and say you better keeper an eye on this rider as she is probably falsely accusing any driver she wants to, as she just did to me. Let me know where I can upload my dash cam footage proving her accusations as absolutely FALSE.

Lyft basically replies with a "oh no no, we are just letting you know someone said that. We were just asking about what you thought", to that effect. Basically, typical Lyft passive aggressive bullshit.

My dash cam is my best investment since I've been driving. Obviously nothing is a guarantee, but while I am driving, I can't recommend a dash cam enough.

False passenger accusations like this are eventually going to bury the ride share industry.
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