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Dara decides driver safety isnt his problem

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Gig workers pose a clear danger where the continued spread of covid-19 is concerned. As to the open question of how to responsibly address this massive vector of workers, who are often uninsured and can't afford not to work in spite of the risks, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has apparently washed his hands.

This guy is truly a disgusting human being

Just look at what Dara said:

"As the CEO of Uber, I am accountable to many, but I believe my greatest responsibility in the face of unprecedented economic challenge is to the millions of people who drive and deliver on Uber's platform"

This ****er hasn't even acknowledged that there's a healthcare issue. Just an economic one.

And he expects governments to "take care of" the people who make him money.

What a ******bag!
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I understand the frustrations, but Dara's hands are pretty much tied. It's not like they are sitting on ton of money. they probably have just enough cash in reserve to weather the storm. they are looking at possibly 70 - 80% decline in revenue this quarter and it could be a while until things go back to normal considering other than China, no one is able slow this down. and Uber still has overhead cost. Uber's goal is to survive and make it to the other side, like many other companies. this is not the time to pay people even though how unfair it seems.

This is the risk that people inherit being a full-time independent contractor.
They reported that they're sitting on $4 billion dollars. This is why Uber stock has climbed in price.
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