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Cyclist vs driver clash in TD (video)

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First encounter why didn’t cyclist go around back of car like other cyclist, Then 2nd encounter cyclist sees the same car from afar, he could then slow down as footpath says, or plan to go around back of car, he has plenty of time to react, yet it seems like he wanted to get hit by car, I blame the cyclist, driver didn’t intentionally hit him unless at the first encounter rider flipped him off, we don’t know,
You'd be wrong. The driver did not check when crossing a clearly marked pedestrian/ bike path. The car also clearly fled the scene. It might not have been intentional, but it wouldn't matter since the driver failed to remain. He might face charges...definitely going to have a claim against his insurance by the cyclist.
Watching the video in slow motion, put yourself in drivers seat, the driver did check, your sitting waiting, 2cyclists come from right to left, at the exact moment, a cyclist comes out of no where speedin, cycleway clearly says slow down, blind spot and probably campflauged, driver thought it was clear , so proceeded forward, then bam, clearly cyclists fault,

cyclist can clearly see a car , had plenty of time to slow down, be ready for it, and felt entitled enough to try and cut in front of car, car vs cyclist who's gonna win, not cyclist, why couldn't cyclist slow down, and be prepared, and the aggressiveness of cyclist afterwards proves he wanted something to happen,

If car had stayed, and waited for the police, I bet the cyclist would have been charged, as it was the cyclists fault, clearly, cyclists think they are invincible, and don't abide by most road rules,
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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