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Customer entered wrong address. Complained to UberEats. Ramifications?

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I got an order to a mental hospital complex with different addresses for each building. I took the order to the address indicated in the app right at the pin, and followed the instructions to meet at door (and ring doorbell). After waiting a while I called the customer and she said something to the effect, you passed "where you SHOULD HAVE been". Her words struck a nerve because I was where I should have been, she was not. She said I'll walk to you. At this point I decided to disregard her attitude and drove towards here. When I told her I didn't see her, more bad attitude about how big the complex is. Funally I found her and started to suggest that manually entering the address instead of relying on the GPS would avoid problems in the future. As I was telling her this she walked away without getting her order.

Most people, including me, would just have listened to the suggesttion and taken the order (whether they had any intention of following the suggestion or not).

I called UE driver support and as I was on hold, I got a call from UE customer support saying the food was not delivered. I told them what happened and that I would leave it the door where she actually was and not what she enrered.

What happens as a result of this kind of customer complaint to UberEats? In the future I should probably have the customer always update the address in the app (which I've done once before, but this time I decided to relax the formality).

Not having to deal with customers with bad attitudes, aggressive behavior, or shift blame to drivers for their own errors coupled with bad attitude or worse was one of the reasons I stopped UberX. This is disappointing.
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If someone had walked away after I had made the extra effort to complete the delivery, I would have just kept the food and left. No need to go all-in on this battle. If she doesn’t learn to improve her directions/instructions, and makes a habit of reporting undelivered food, UE will see the pattern develop and eventually kick her off the app. Just try to make several smooth deliveries without incident and I doubt UE will do anything to you.
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