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InstaCart is offering some pretty generous incentives to sign up (most likely because of the negative press they’ve received lately and the fact that half their workforce is threatening to strike) and I’ve been thinking about signing up. Couple of questions for folks that already work for InstaCart:

1.) All of their bonuses currently require 125 deliveries in 30 days. I’m aware it takes 2-3 days to get your card so it’s more like 125 deliveries in 20ish days. Is that even possible with stores limiting the number of shoppers allowed to enter at any given time? Our local Safeway always has a line, sometimes 50 people deep, to get in the door, even if you were to avoid orders from stores you know are going to take forever is there enough volume to reach 125 orders in 20 or so days? 7 orders a day seems pretty difficult if not impossible.

2.) Does anyone actually tip? My tip rate with Uber/Lyft is around 10% so I’m not particularly optimistic that working for InstaCart is profitable, I would just work long enough to collect the bonus and then call it a day. Which brings me to my biggest question:

3.) Do stores REALLY check and make sure that you’re the driver on the account? Obviously driving Uber and Lyft would be difficult under someone else’s name (although not entirely impossible), does InstaCart actually check and see whether it’s Tony picking up the order and not his cousin Sal? Obviously there are reasons to sign up under someone else’s name; yes I know it’s illegal and no I don’t care. Just want to know whether it’s theoretically possible to work under someone else’s account.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your responses!

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I tried Instacart for about 30 days. 125 is possible but that’s doing 4-5 deliveries a day. As for tips 10% is in that range. My issue with Instacart was regarding their daily cash out option which was my #1 reason for signing up and has been just another Uber support clone. Absolutely BS. As of last week when trying to rectify this problem I have not been able to get support to respond to any of my emails. And when I called their #800 it’s disconnected. How they pay is by direct deposit each week on Wednesday and they have been correct but I need to cash out daily and waiting once a week ain’t gonna get it. If I was able to cash out, I would only get my earnings for that excluding tips. Any tips earned are sent by direct deposit each week. One thing you should be aware of is when a delivery order becomes available, you will receive a quote for what you can earn but if your not able to fulfill the entire order because of out of stock item (which is daily) then your payout is reduced. Also if you arrive and the customer is not there they will try to keep you there as you go there 7 step process when a customer is not home.
As far as I’m concerned I’m done with their BS support. Instacart is simply just another Uber.
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