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I was going to say something in reply to the OP but @waldowainthrop covered it better than I could. I will say that in between the first part of the OP and the last part, may lie balance. Anyone likely reading this post likely has COVID-19 as the greater threat than TB, so that is what one must gear up for. But it's a question of balance. We of course all know that PANIC is self-defeating and should be avoided (to borrow a line from Dune: Fear is the mind killer).

Life is really just one big character test. If we stay as high-minded as possible through this latest threat to humanity I believe we have made progress up the evolutionary ladder. Even those who may succumb to the latest illness are ahead, if they just keep their head.

(The latent Moody Blues and Jefferson Airplane references are purely coincidental)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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