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I recently drove for Uber approx 5 miles took 12 mins on Sun and made $6.00

I drove another Uber rider approx 2 miles in 12+ mins and made $4.80

I could be mistaken but if a person would have done the same 5 mile ride for a company they would have gotten approx. $15.00.

If someone did the 2 mile ride for a company they would have made $6.00.

CORRECTION via tone17 . If I'm reading tone7 right, I think things work out to a total of $3.41 per mile for the 5 miles = $17.06 to the cab company. (How Much should you make per mile since you're your own business)?

If driver gets 50% that would still be $8.53 for the run.

Contrast my $6.00 with Uber vs roughly $8.53 with company if cab driver gets 50%.

What are you getting.

The following is copied off of an article on taxi fares in Vegas.


Initial Activation of taximeter: $3.50 (first 1/12 of a mile az written on every taxi)
Each additional 1/12 mile: $0.23 ($2.76 per mile)
Waiting time per hour: $32.40
McCarran Property (each pick up): $2.00
3% Excise tax will be added to all rates and fees

The $3.50 on the side of the cab says $3.50 for the 1 st 1/12 of a mile.
Ea 1/12 of a mile thereafter is $0.23. I take this to mean a total of 11/12 to be a total of $2.53.

The total for 1 mile would be $3.50 + 2.53= $6.03 PER MILE

About 40-50% goes to the driver = approx $3.00 per mile
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